Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Royal Rules and a Few Fun pics...

I went exploring around Victory Monument- the place where the academy I'm attending is. Some fun pics of things I noticed below. Before that, there are some cultural do's and dont's you pick up living here- the most important of which has to do with the Royal Family.

Basically, the King and the royal family must be respected at all times. No jokes, no light jesting in their name even. The money features their images, so be extra careful- don't stop a runaway bill with your foot or something, unless you want to attend said foot's funeral. The national anthem is a big thing. I think its like an ode to the King- the longest ruling monarch so far in their history, I believe. Anyway, when the anthem plays, you stop, and you stand still. It happened when I was walking through JatuJak market and it happens at the start of every movie in the theatres, along with a video showing pics of the King and his family. He is much loved, and totally respected, and seeing how well these people live and the facilities available to them, I can see why!

Now,  for the promised pictures-

This footwear! Cool...


 Believe in happily ever after? Didn't work for Snow White after all! ;)

 Thais celebrate Halloween?! Many shops in the malls seem to believe so!

First, pick a verb. Then, pick a steak.

 Food for booty, I mean... beauty!

 Barbie contact lens, they call it! Freaky pupil wideners, I call it...

 A whole line of shops doing hair extensions...

Um? :D

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