Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Porni's Post

Hello world! Poorni is feeling a bit under the weather today, so this is Porni doing the honors. In case you don't know me, just check out the first post in this blog.

Anyway, me being here, I think we all know that fun stuff is coming up. (Down with the prudes!)

First, I should mention that I went with my friends to China Town. And of all the things that I could have seen and committed to memory, one image burned onto the mind, never to be forgotten, is that of certain stalls on the street.

Now, I am not a retiring school teacher who secretly reads novels of a suspect nature. I read them openly. I also don't look away when people get it on on the screen. I hit rewind. (Woohoo!) But that's as far as I go. I mean, I'm not sick. I don't wanna go to certain countries in the world just to see if they really do make out in public. Not that I won't look...

But, coming to the point, looking is exactly what I had trouble with as I walked down the street in China Town. When one of the group pointed and said, 'look at that!,' I peered at stalls with some plasticky stuff that looked all pink and brown and what not. It didn't register immediately. When it did, I reared back like a virginal horse that's been slapped on the butt (not a classy visual, but somewhat kinky).

You may look at that image and smile, but let me tell you that it was an act of moral courage that's letting you ogle at it! It happened thusly- I knew I had to take a pic, but I couldn't bring myself to. I blushed to the roots and walked quickly, grasping my camera in a death grip, chanting, 'I can't do it, I can't do it.' The only way I could, finally, was to hold my camera up and walk fast, clicking randomly as I went, making zero eye contact with anyone and pretending I had no clue what my hands were doing. That last bit didn't come out right, but you know what I mean ;) The reason is, sigh, again, coz I'm Indian. We pretend people get pregnant magically. (Seriously. Look up Hindu mythology.)

So, maybe I don't get an award, but in my eyes, what I did for the public (you), makes me a hero... *sniff. *bows to applause.

Now, the next pic was easy, coz I was the only person in this beautiful old house museum. So I could stop and zoom in, study it from all angles and all that. There's a serious post coming up about the museum itself, but this one pic is a better fit in this post.

Those old dogs! Will you look at that?! You know, the more I see of ancient art and literature across cultures, the more convinced I am that, as a species, we used to have a much better time back then. Baffles me how we've changed and why! How did the Kamasutra people become expert roll-on-oops-roll-off lovers? How did these way-too-literal animal lovers become such a strait-laced society?

I guess history is like that. Meteors came and wiped out dinosaurs, some force of nature came along and made us adopt manners. But then, I guess, being frustrated is better than being extinct. Aah, another moral from another sweet story- count your blessings! ;)


  1. hehe. Tho you should have taken a clearer pic, closer up. As for the wall paintings, you have some really enlightening ones even in temples in India. You're right - it would be interesting to study history to understand how we as a people got from liberated to prudish.