Thursday, October 10, 2013

Brahma's Reprieve

So, the Holy Trinity in the Hindu pantheon. Cool guys, all three of 'em. A tad bit hot-headed at times, but hey, nobody's perfect. Especially Brahma- the creator of the Universe (SO ironic!). So put out with him was Shiva, that he cursed him- hit him where it hurt, so to speak. I mean what God wants a curse hanging on him that says he must not be worshiped by beings anywhere in any universe?! But poor, poor Brahma managed to get himself under that very dark cloud. The reasons vary; just do a google search on 'Brahma not worshiped'. It all comes down to either lust, vanity or ego. Sigh.

Anyways, I knew about this whole curse thingy and empathized with the creator. But someone in Thailand  read the fine print on the curse document, found a loophole and totally defied Shiva! Brahma is everywhere here and he is so revered, that when a mentally unstable man destroyed a famous Brahma statue in Bangkok, the man was beaten to death. There are shrines of all sizes on almost every street, always beautifully decorated and well-maintained.

So, what is the moral of the story here? When things look bleak (like being cursed by a fellow God), don't lose hope? Just play it cool and practise your 'I'm back, baby!'?

Yeah, I think so. Look at Brahma. Not only is he back, but people flock to him, offering him cool drinks and stuff. All the shrines you see here will have bottles or cups of juice/coconut water/soft drinks with straws placed helpfully in them.

This is the famous Erawan shrine.

 One can pay money and have the temple dancers perform as he or she prays to God.

This is a smaller shrine on a street close to where I live. Notice the Fanta bottles.

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