Monday, October 7, 2013

Artists at work...

This post has lotsa pics and a couple of videos, so let 'em load! Worth it :)

People line up at 'Made in Candy' to watch an amazing process:

The guy works a big slab of candy:

He works at it (video):

He shapes different color slabs of different sizes:

Then he places them together in layers and cuts off the excess:

 More layers and the guy next to him is putting together some layers too, to go on top:

That colored layer goes on top too:

Now the miracle happens as he slowly pulls it:

The pulled candy is stretched and cut. See how awesome it is:

In the end, the strips are cut into bits and my god, the detail inside! Take a look at these:

They can do such intricate stuff! Some had 'I love you' and all. Very cute!

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