Sunday, October 6, 2013

JatuJak Market

Imagine a huge market. Now imagine a mad scientist planted radioactive waste right at its center and the market mutated into a ginormous massive uber-creative phenomenon. That's JatuJak.

I cracked my knuckles and stretched my legs standing outside the market, anticipating some serious spending. Five minutes in, I knew I would buy next to nothing. 10 minutes in, my brain refused to process all the signals my retinas were registering. Over the next few hours, I had to find unused store front steps frequently to rest my weary legs.

The variety of beautiful things was overwhelming. Down one pathway you're in Aladdin's cave, surrounded by golden glittering objects. Take a left and you feel like Gulliver in the land of miniatures. A world of aroma, an enchanted forest, Paris fashion on coat hangers, walls of jewellery, greenery, food carts... everything that man can make, grow or imagine can be bought here. Overwhelming. Truly.

I took a few pictures only, coz its just futile to even imagine capturing everything... 

Scented soaps

A nice snack...

Like our gola
 Funky 'toilet' signs
 My fav one :D I have a thing for zombies and skeletons

 Fried quail eggs. Looks like our paniyaram pans. They put on on top of the other to make a sphere and sell it sometimes. But usually, you get a small plateful of them sprinkled with seasonings...

 Funky Bags... The huge faces with little bodies attached below

 There were quite a few shops with animal stuff, or stuffed animals, I should say. Not very pleasant, but this one was quirky. I have no clue why there is money in his mouth...

Papaya or mango salad is very common. They throw stuff in a large woden mortar and with a pestle and a ladle, add a whole host of stuff and mix it in.

The sticky yummy mango rice :)

Many plant shops too- I gawked at the Venus flytraps and all...

 Is this honeycomb? I don't know..

Across the road is the farmer's market that I briefly walked through. Again, perfect. This operates on all days of the week whereas JatuJak comes alive on the weekends. Lotsa fruits and veggies- all looking fresh and luscious!


  1. Wow! And they have signs in English. What did you buy?

    1. Just one soap! :) It's a place I plan to visit again, atleast to shop for friends before I return, if nothing else...