Wednesday, October 16, 2013

People & Pooches

I'll get to the fun stuff, as always, but I would like to talk about what I was thinking as I saw this woman yesterday.

She's kinda like the 'bus conductor' for one of these red trucks that ply on the smaller lanes and streets, and cost 7 B for any trip. As I was looking at her, I suddenly felt like I was looking at someone back home. I know its a cliche, but it just struck me so powerfully, that we are people; everywhere we are, we are the same. It doesn't matter if you're standing on a glitzy street or a meadow or a shabby village, we're all still the same.

This woman reminded me of the hard working Indian village women I am familiar with. She was middle aged and one of those souls who seem to just live as a part of where they are, accepting and contributing to life in a small way, unquestioningly, much like a busy ant in a colony- a part of a whole. We're all like that, but some of us struggle against it, some stand out, some go rogue, but not people like her. She was one of those women who cares not the slightest about how she looks, because beauty is not even a frame of reference for her, or how she appears to the world, because what's the point of even thinking about something like that. There's great wisdom in being that simple.

In India, I would look at people like her and marvel at how they can turn out. Some become so hard, as if life has taught them a thing or two, and some cannot stop smiling, as if they've taught life a thing or two... She was one of the latter and I'm glad I got to see her, though she wouldn't agree, I suppose. 'Creepy staring Indian girl who took pictures of me! I don't know why we let 'em in the country....'

So, that was my pensive moment yesterday. I got off the truck and came upon a group of street dogs and herein begins another story. Yes, Thailand has street dogs, though not as many. Not by a long shot! They do look much bigger to me and many of the poor creatures aren't healthy. But they're also so strange.

I've been here for what, two weeks and every time I've passed a street dog I've said something in a loving voice. And not one, NOT EVEN ONE dog has wagged its tail! I have actually never seen it happen, not even once! I mean, what's the point of being a dog, if you're gonna pretend to be a cat?

This is so alien to me because I'm used to friendly street dogs, who in spite of their adversity, always manage to love and smile and show it with vigorous tail wagging or entire-rear-end wagging or the rolling-over-and-exposing-it-all gesture. These dogs do nothing! So, now it's become a mission, of sorts. I need to see a happy street dog and by God, if it means bribing them, I will. I'm Indian, after all. It's our thing. Will let you know how that turns out.

Now, staying on the subject of pets, let me tell you- pet care is a thriving industry in Thailand. Hospitals, grooming centers and such abound. But what blew me away was the accessory section. In Jatujak market, I stopped at a line of shops that seemed to make no sense to me- rows of impossibly tiny clothing. What freaky baby could be this small?! Then I saw the other stuff and I went 'Whoa.....' Take a look at this little bugger here-

Is he living it up or what!

Look at these-

Perhaps its ironic, talking about simplicity and extravagance in the same post., but I guess that's what we're like, all sorts of opposite stuff packaged together. Dumb humans.  ;)


  1. Absolutelly loving this blog di.. keep sharing!! some posts are hilarious and some make me go WOW!!

    And that thing abt dogs not wagging tail- seriousy!! damn...

    take care! :)