Monday, March 14, 2016


Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. But then there comes a time when life demands that you arm yourself with knowledge. I never thought that cancer was a word that would become a part of my family's vocabulary, but it did. We armed ourselves, but we ran out of time. We lost.
In retrospect, I wish I'd had some basic knowledge so that that period of time hadn't caught me so unawares and afraid. But we Indians are a superstitious lot sometimes. We imagine not knowing means being safe :) I did emotico I did too. 
This is just a short write-up of what I found. Putting it out there just so its there, for someone.

Cancer is a mutation of normal tissue cells. It is not a virus that shuts one down. It's not a monster. That's the message that pharmas have propagated, just as they've suppressed knowledge of all the natural cures that are available. If ever the need arises, then these are the cures that one must research. Of these, the first has excellent reviews. The next three, I've heard of successful cases. The last three may help; I do not know much except what I read online.

1) Cannibas oil
2) Black strap molasses
3) Sodium Bicarbonate
4) Aloe vera, with honey and brandy.
5) Carrot juice
6) Shimoga ayurvedic cure
7) Soursop fruit

Preventive measures:

I was told that some of these cures can themselves be used for prevention, especially the natural ones like aloe vera or even the molasses. Of course, purity of diet is important. That's physical. At the emotional level, if that is part of your belief system, the best prevention for any dis-ease is healing internal hurt. If you would like more specific details of what causes what dis-ease in the body, you might be interested in this- Causes of Dis-ease: Alchemy of healing .For cancer, it arises from "Deep hurt. Longstanding resentment. Deep secret or grief eating away at the self. Carrying hatred."

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