Sunday, May 4, 2014

A day along the river, in pictures...

A cheeky elephant fountain that I immediately coveted-

I found this temple guardian's face quite beautiful-

The ticket dispensing lady on the ferry loves her rings! -

Feeding frenzy along many of the peirs...for some reason, animal lover and vegetarian that I am, I looked upon these huge fish and could only see them as meat! Weird...

Glamorous temples for the Buddha-

Stumbled upon a row of nurseries with the most gorgeous plants, and this beauty-

Celestial beings painted on the wall of a Buddha temple-

A beautiful view-

Quirky art work in a restaurant beside a pier-

The slightly scary narrow steps of a temple (Wat Arun)-

Wonderfully rustic temple architecture-

All Thai men must ideally become monks for a few months of their life. The ceremony involves going bald as well as the shaving of all facial hair, including the eyebrows, which is collected in a lotus leaf and placed under a tree.

This dog was breathtaking, standing on the counter of a shop-

And finally, friends who make my day, even the ones already beautiful-

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